We will be teaching the Family Restoration Project Course.

The Father longs for your family to experience the Kingdom in even greater ways! Way back in the Garden of Eden, which was just a moment ago for God, our Father created Adam and Woman.

He walked with them in the cool of the day and they were completely satisfied in His presence.  

They literally breathed in the atmosphere of heaven.  They loved Him, loved each other, and listened to His instruction.  Life was simple, pure, and perfect.  They were a family birthed, literally, from the very heart of the Father. 

"Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it" was the very first words recorded in Scripture that the Father spoke to Adam and Woman.  We like to call it the First Great Commission.  

It was a powerful mandate given to families at the very dawning of our world.  It was the Father's plan to make the entire world look like Heaven, and that job was given to families - a really big deal!  Adam and Woman were given the beautiful Garden to care for, but their children were to be loved, taught, trained, and released to expand the garden until the entire earth looked like Eden.

It was His plan. It is His plan. It will remain His plan. 

It is time for the families of the earth to remember the destiny for which they were created. 

Warroad, Minnesota

Highway 11, Warroad, MN 56763

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