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It is time to gather the family and start sweating!


GoFam Fitness presents fam fit; a brand new workout program designed for the whole family. These engaging and fun exercise videos are only 25 minutes long, allowing them to fit into any homeschooling or life schedule. 

Designed by a 14-year-old certified personal trainer and approved by her family physician dad, fam fit includes 3 basic and 2 advanced workouts that are each 25 minutes long.

The exercise programs are easy to follow making them appropriate for any age, and fully modifiable, making them appropriate for any skill level. Maggie gets the most out of every 25-minute workout, so you will not only have fun but will have real, safe results.  Exercise done together promotes family bonding and a sense of accomplishment. All you need is a small amount of floor space and 25 minutes... so there are no excuses.   It is time to gather the family and start sweating!

Maggie Claussen, age 14, is a homeschooled student and she received her Personal Trainer Certificate at age 13. She is passionate about health and fitness for all ages, but especially children and youth. From this passion, Fam Fit was born! She loves exercise and sports and has plenty to say about regular exercise, a healthy diet, and fun family activities.

Dr. Jonathan Claussen is a Board Certified Family Physician. He is the founder and Senior Leader of goFam Ministries, ministering to marriages, parents and families around the world. He is the author of "Restoring the Power of Family" and "The Ultimate: Restoring the Culture of Marriage." He has completed over 25 marathons. Together, with his daughter Maggie, they have developed Fam Fit, a fitness program for the whole family.

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