Family Strong

Jonathan Claussen

It seems like today everything is considered “family”. 

We call the people we work with family, our classmates are referred to as family, we have our soccer mom family, our Wednesday night bowling league family and even our Thursday night Bible study family. Even Olive Garden advertises "When you're here, you’re family”. 

The result of everything being referred to as family is the dilution of the true meaning and purpose of the word. 

Because of the hurt and disillusionment in our own families, we desperately hope that these other relationships could indeed be family to us. They can offer encouragement and friendship and perhaps warm breadsticks, but they cannot deliver family. They simply can't be something that they were never created to be. 

Rather than redefine family through the filter of our hurt, it is time for Christian families to be healed and restored to everything that they were created to be from the foundations of the earth. 

When our families are strong all other relationships should pale in comparison. 

When we are living in strong and healthy families with purpose and direction from the Almighty God it is the most powerful expression of love on the earth, this is what He intended, this is what He created, and there is no substitute!      

Jonathan Claussen

Senior Leader