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This book develops the truth that the creation of the family was in God's heart from before the foundations of the world were laid. In this time of tragic breakdown in the family and the moral decline in our society, the Father's passion is to restore and reconcile the family back to Himself and to one another. His plan of restoration can be traced through the blood covenants in the Old Testament right up to the New Covenant, when Jesus came to shed His blood and reconcile us to the Father forever. It is time for the covenants to be reintroduced so that we can live our lives and raise our children to walk in covenant with the Living God. If we receive this revelation, we will no longer walk in fear and insecurity and will pass on this heritage of peace from generation to generation.

Stepping Stones: God's Covenant Plan through the Ages

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  • Heather Claussen lives in Prior Lake, Minnesota.  She and her husband have ministered and taught on the theme of the blood covenants in the Bible for many ears.  They are presently on the leadership team of goFam Ministries, a ministry that releases identity to families and offers healing and blessing to the generations.  This book comes from a heart that has experienced the Father's covenant love and the joy of living in covenant relationships with her family.  

    When Heather's husband, Don, proposed to her fifty-nine years ago, he asked if she would be the grandmother of his grandchildren.  They were unaware of the prophetic nature of the proposal at the time.  Their four children have given them twenty-one grandchildren!  It is a privilege to leave to them the heritage of an understanding of the loving-kindness of our Father through covenants.  

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