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The Marriage (or anyone who would someday like to be married) Course

We would have considered our marriage a good marriage, but over the last several years we realized that we didn’t really understand what “marriage” was and we certainly didn’t understand what “good” was.  Through Jesus, the Father’s original culture, the culture that He called good, is back in play.

The focus of this course will not be on all the things you should or shouldn’t do in marriage, but rather an unveiling of the true heart of the Father for marriage.

This course has a slight twist. It is the Marriage (or anyone who thinks that someday they would like to be married) Course. You see, we are presenting marriage culture, and we feel strongly that it is better to learn this culture before we get married. So, this marriage course is perfect for engaged couples, singles and teens as well.

The Marriage Course is currently available through live courses or Jonathan's book The Ultimate: Restoring the Culture of Marriage.

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