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Power House


Power House Family Course will awaken vision, purpose, and hope for all that the Lord is doing in and through your family today!

The Power House Family Course is now available online! 


This powerful series of 8 life-changing messages with empower and equip your family to fulfill all that you are on the earth to do! Your family is the Plan A of heaven, and today is a great day to say 'Yes' to all that heaven is dreaming over you!

Choose between a single family license or group license below.


The Power House Family Course is available for you to begin today!  Each 45 minute session is accompanied by a printable workbook and study helps all along the way.  

Single-Family License

The Group Edition is licensed for group use giving you access to downloadable versions of all eight teaching sessions, a pdf printable workbook, leader's guide, promotional materials, and more!  

Group License

Upcoming In-Person Family Courses


“We have never met a more organic family that has a more relevant message regarding the restoring of the purpose of family on the Earth. We believe this revelation is a key that will bring fresh perspective to families looking to be whole again with purpose.” 

~John & Ruth

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