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For many, marriage has been difficult or painful, this course exposes root causes of dysfunction in marriage and provides real strategy for relational restoration and oneness. Marriage is about so much more than just living life together, and hoping you get along, it was created for oneness, intimacy and to fulfill a mission that can only be done inseparably. So join us for The Ultimate Marriage course, because we can say this, your marriage is bigger, greater and more powerful that you think it is!

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The Ultimate Marriage Course is available for you to begin today!  Each 45 minute session is accompanied by a printable workbook and study helps all along the way.  

Single-Family License

The Group Edition is licensed for group use giving you access to downloadable versions of all eight teaching sessions, a pdf printable workbook, leader's guide, promotional materials, and more!  

Group License

Upcoming In-person Marriage Courses


"This weekend was pivotal in our marriage. Things are being confirmed, stirred, and set free. We are stronger and closer as a couple and are free to pursue our destiny.  Lies were brought to the surface and truths were planted as replacements."

~Course attendee

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